Guess how treadmills, Netflix and metro rides are related? The thrill of experiencing any of these is enhanced with the right set of earphones! The advent of multiple brands has made way for cut-throat competition in the market, making it difficult for the customers to pick their best bet. We have created a list for you encapsulating our choices of “Earphones under 5000” keeping in mind criteria like sound impressions, build, comfort, power, connectivity, customer feedback, and range.  Let’s have a look at our favorites enlisted in no particular order –


SoundMagic E11C

Successor of the widely appreciated E10C, this model has been ruling the market for quite some time now. A clear-cut enriched version, it is a perfect example of the sequel that a blockbuster needs. Along with higher ear tips, the plastic body has been replaced by aluminium improving the build of the earphones. Weighing 11 gms, SoundMagic E11C has an in-line remote and mic. The cable measuring 1.2 metres is easy to handle as it doesn’t get tangled. It is sweat resistant & splashproof. The frequency range varies from 15 Hz to 22k Hz. The sound produced is bright and well-balanced with decent on-call clarity. Despite there bring passive noise cancellation, this product is value for money due to its great functionality.


1MORE Dual Driver Earphone With Mic

This well-built earpiece can be considered a worthy option due to it’s great design, comfortable fit, durability and entertaining sound quality. The design is sleek with aluminium enclosures and a cable partly made up of soft TPE material & while the other part is a braided nylon wire. The ear tips are angled and come with 4 silicone pairs of sizes varying from XS to L. With the weight of 15 gms, this model comprises of a very responsive in-built remote and mic . The cable measures a good length of 1.25 metres but it gets tangled easily. A weather sealed product which is comfortable to wear all day long. It’s frequency extends upto 40k Hz. The sound quality is pretty rich with powerful bass and crisp highs. No batteries are required for it’s function. 1MORE Dual Driver Earphone With Mic  offers active noise cancellation. The only shortcoming is a rattling sound made by the in-built remote. Other than that, it’a good performer.

JBL Endurance Jump

This earphone is primarily a member of the endurance series launched by JBL which is meant for people who are into physical activities like running, sprinting, skipping etc. It’s design can be defined as pretty unique & subtle yet firm. These are one of the most comfortable earphones available in the market in this range weighing 54.4 gms. Very easy to use , these have touch sensitive controls  that make up for  a great deal at this price. They come with stereo speakers and can be used wirelessly. Another applaudable feature is it’s battery backup which lasts for almost about 8 hours with 2 hours of charging. It also contains a battery level indicator. JBL Endurance Jump is sweat resistant, weather sealed and dustproof making it a good match for outdoor activities. It’s frequency range is from 20 Hz to 20k Hz and it offers passive noise cancellation. However, the sound quality is decent – not good enough when compared to other pieces in some range like OnePlus Bullets Wireless. The sound is loud but lacks clarity & detail and can sometimes seem harsh. The feature set, design & controls make up for the average sound quality rendering this product a place in this list. Overall, a safe choice for fitness-oriented people who look for rhythm instead of intricacies.


This product by Sony targets the fitness enthusiasts who engage in demanding physical activities.  Sony MDR-XB50BS’s design, not very flattering, might initially seem heavy but this sturdiness helps the earphones to stay in place. A wrap-around headband is also provided to promote free movement by exercisers. Weighing 22 gms, it has a built-in mic and a rubber cable which doesn’t get tangled that easily. Buttons placed on the underside of the earpiece make it easy to handle. It is water-resistant but not waterproof. The range of frequency is from 4 Hz- 24k Hz. Doing justice to it’s name, the bass turns out to be very punchy making the bass experience an enjoyable one. The sound is pleasant, loud and clear. The sound quality is impressive vis-à-vis the price. It offers decent call quality and noise cancellation. One of the most significant features is it’s battery which goes on for about 8.5 hours with only around 50 minutes of charging. It can be connected to source via BT & NFC. To sum it up, we would say it’s a winning deal available in shades of blue, black and orange.


Jays a-Six Wireless Earphones 

If you’re looking for earphones that would make any genre of music sound good, Jays a-Six Wireless Earphones  should be your potential deal. Extremely light, durable, comfortable and conveniently portable. The design is simple and sophisticated with aluminium buds. The tangle-free wire has an in-line remote. Although there are certain cons like misfit of wire and no sweat resistance that contribute towards making it unsuitable for outdoor activities. The frequency ranges from 20 Hz to 20k Hz. There’s no compromise in the area of sound quality. The tones are top notch,  warm , rich and well balanced. It is a good option for taking phone calls on-the-go. There’s also no sound leakage. Cherry on the cake is the battery , which the company claims, will go on for close to 12 hours.


This essentially wraps up the list of the earphones under 5k that are being valued by customers. Buying them online would be a cheaper trade than going out. Go, grab your best deal!