Top Offline Shooting Games for iOS in 2020

As technology is advancing, our smartphones are becoming our core source of entertainment and productivity. Some people prefer Netflix and chill while some people, like me! play games on smartphones. But the modern solution comes with modern problems. What if you don’t have enough data to play your favourite shooting games such as Pubg or Call of Duty or what if you have a poor network connection or you are travelling somewhere and you wanna save your data? Well, we got you covered! Here is a list of some of the best offline shooting games, giving the best gameplay experience and look for iOS devices (in no particular order).

Top Offline Shooting games for iOS


Lonewolf is a nice first-person shooter game with a story that keeps going. The game doesn’t have extreme graphics, it looks like a polished comic but both the story and the gameplay is entertaining. It has many sniper missions. The game is filled with mystery and gives you chances to experience rifles, handguns, bombs etc. You can simply replay your favourite mission anytime. The game is free to play but has in-app purchases. It requires 112MB of storage and you can get it on the App Store.


The best Zombie Apocalypse game available on iOS. Into the Dead 2 gives a unique gameplay experience, it is an endless runner game with most of the first-person shooter elements. The game has many great looking in-game environments and an evolving Story Mode with multiple endings. It allows you to equip and upgrade weapons and has 7 chapters with 60 stages. The game campaign is a journey through a zombie apocalypse to save a family. It requires approx 1.4GB of free space but it is a superb trade of your data. You can get it on the App Store for free.


Gameloft’s Sniper Fury is a fantastic game with elegant graphics. The game has several exciting missions with chances to use different weapons like railguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, bombs etc. You also get various awesome environments from sandstorms to rainstorms including many small impressive effects. The game is rated 4.5 stars on App Store and it is available for free for the cost of 1.6GB for space.


Overkill 3 is rated 4.3 stars on App Store. It is a quality third-person shooting title for iOS. It has great graphics, excellent interface and superb gameplay in both online and offline conditions. The game offers tons of weapons to customize, delivers console-level graphics quality, various exciting environments with varied tasks to be done. Overkill 3 carries serious boss fights but you can always choose difficulty right at the beginning of the game. The game requires 917MB of free space and it is worth playing.


N.O.V.A Legacy is a fast game to play. Rated 4.4 stars on App Store, this game is keeping the legacy of N.O.V.A alive and fresh. Gameloft’s N.O.V.A is one of the oldest and most popular offline shooter franchises on smartphone gaming platforms. The game delivers exciting 3D sci-fi first-person shooter experience. The game now also has a “Death Match” mode which can be played online with other players around the World. The gameplay is still conventional N.O.V.A style but the game delivers a solid FPS experience. The game is 100MB heavy and is available on App Store.


Six Guns: Gang Showdown is another exciting third-person shooting game on iOS platform. The game is quite thrilling and fun to play. Not the best graphics out there but surely enjoyable gameplay. The game is full of cowboys, vampires and bandits. Your objective is simple! shoot enemies and save the world. The game has 4.3 stars of rating on the App Store. It requires 787MB of free space and the game is free to play.


One of the oldest first-person zombie shooting game on smartphone platforms. It has 4.7 stars on App Store and the game is free to play. Dead Trigger 2 by Madfinger Games is a zombie killing game which has a variety of weapons and awesome graphics. The game is based on the concept of eliminating Zombie waves. Dead Trigger 2 also features a lot of Easter Eggs to make players laugh while in serious combat gameplay situations. It has a fabulous interface with great controls. Dead Trigger was one of the best offline FPS game of its time and Dead Trigger 2 is no different from its predecessor. The size of the game is 1.1GB.

There are many more offline shooting games but these are the most impressive ones for iOS devices. If you want to play some offline shooter games with a variety of different characteristics, from intense graphic games to fun ones, these are the best of 2020. Stay tuned for more and let us know if you want more such content.

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