Best scanning apps for iOS in 2020 to scan your documents

Technology is taking a leap year on year. The main goal of the modern era is to make the machine as compact yet powerful as they can. Believe it or not but the first commercial Xerox machine was almost the size of two washing machines sitting together, weighing approx 650 pounds. even after such a huge body they prone to heat as hell. The smartphones these days are the most capable tool everybody carries in their pockets. Nowadays, mobile phones are capable of doing tasks of many other gadgets such as alarm clocks, calendars, music players etc.

Best scanning apps for ios  :Modern smartphones are now overtaking even bigger gadgets like cameras, TVs for entertainment and even Xerox machines in some cases. For a quick document and image scan, your smartphone can always help you out with it. So here are the top five scanning apps for your iPhones in 2020.

Best scanning apps in 2020 for iOS


The integrated default Notes app from Apple allows you to scan documents in your iPhone. The app is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is tap on ‘+’ sign and then tap on Scan Documents. You can scan multiple pages and also allows you to add your signature into the document. The scanning is limited up to 24 pages for now which can be troublesome for some users.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft’s Office Lens is a classic scanning app. Like all other apps, this one also gets the job done easily. The app has all the basic and advanced features to scan documents or any text carrying flat subject. The problem is it may require a lot of space for saving the document as it needs Word on you iPhone to be installed and your Microsoft account to save the file. Microsoft’s Office Lens can also convert scans into PowerPoint slides, Exports scans in JPEG, DOCX and PDF formats and it is 100% free to use.

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable is a beautiful app for scanning documents. It gets the job done quickly and beautifully. The app has most of the essential features including cropping and exporting the scans in PDF and JPG format files. But this app does a sweet trick! It can scan and turn your business cards into contacts or from Linkedin which can be saved in your contacts which is pretty cool!

Cam Scanner

CamScanner is an efficient app to use. It is loaded with almost every feature one can require. The app besides every basic task like cropping and saving the scanned file to internal storage, it provides you with many colour filters to enhance the scanned document, it can also create PDF files with multiple scanned documents and you can reorder the pages. You can also save the scanned copies in JPG format, it can password protect your documents, allows easy sharing and supports Siri shortcuts as well.


FineScanner is one of the most promising scanners on the App Store. With 4.8 Stars rating on App Store, this app has all the necessary features one can ever need. This one can quickly scan documents, books, create JPG and PDF copies of the scans and apply online OCR for text recognition. FileScanner supports 193 languages and 12 output formats. You can use Siri shortcuts to access the scans. It has support for spotlight search and 3D touch and it can also share or Export or AirPrint the scans.

 These are the best scanning apps you can use in 2020 in your iPhones. You can choose the right one out of them according to your preference and also do let us know which scanner do you use. Stay tuned for more such content.

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